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The Wandering Earth II (2023)

The Wandering Earth II (2023) - Science Fiction Movies 173 minutes. Liú Làng Dì Qiú 2, The Wandering Earth 2, 《流浪地球》前传, The Wandering Earth Ⅱ, Die Wandernde Erde 2, Блуждающая Земля 2, ฝ่ามหันตภัยเพลิงสุริยะ, 流浪地球2, Die Wandernde Erde II, Země na pouti 2. Humans built huge engines on the surface of the earth to find a new home. But the road to the universe is perilous. In order to save earth, young people once again have to step forward to start a race against time for life and death. , , , , ,